In Hades

We’ve got all those condemned of every stripe:
Men who don’t shave, and boys who don’t wipe;
Ladies who sing most awfully off key
And all of the girls who never say please.

Mothers who throw dishrags into stew,
Fathers who pick and flick it on you,
Brothers who bathe but just once a week,
Sisters who put too much rouge on their cheeks.

We’ve got them all, come down and see-
Nose-pickers, dirt-diggers, by fours and by threes!
A gaggle of goosers are there by those flames–
Watch out for them now, they still aren’t quite tamed.

Down here in Hades, they dwell and they thrive,
Mortality’s over, but they’re still quite alive.
Here they cavort and wait for what’s new–
With pleasure we give them the soul that is you.