The Yee Says Hoom-Eye-Yam

Every creature in the land of Burtucken
Makes a wondrous noise. Take the Red Nosed Fenducken:
The Fenducken in springtime makes a low hooting call;
But in summer it squeaks as it stretches up tall
To reach up to its mate, the blue tailed Fendirker,
Which makes a noise like a flobble, but muchly much quirker.

The Yee of the low plains takes many great pains
To sing out its song in sunshine or rain
It stretches its throat, and combs out its coat
And checks the high grasses for song-stopping stoats.
Then it sings– or it gives singing a try,
As it does every year when the grass is knee-high.
Yees don’t sing, be they Hopflers or Crams;
They croak out in chorus, saying Hoom-eye-yam, hoom-eye-yam.

The Burly-badong, the miffle-hoot vox, both keep their noises near to their socks.
Their feet are their whistles, their knees are their drums…
And I won’t even say what they keep in their bums.

All of these creatures making noises to say:
Look over here! It’s a wonderful day
Because I am about, and wouldn’t you like
To take me to dinner or for a ride on your bike?